Tuesday, November 29, 2005

It’s picture time again! Yes, this means I’m still taking my time on getting the Brazil stuff posted, but these are some cool photos. I’ll start with my September 10th trip to Valley Forge. Here is a really pretty longtailed salamander (Rurycea longicaudia longicaudia). This was not the brightest one I’ve caught, but I hope you get a sense of how pretty these guys are.

Next are two pictures of pickerel frogs (Rana palustris). The first one is not the best picture I’ve ever taken, but the second one struck me as kind of nice on its log. Both are frogs I followed into the water, through a couple of ricochets, and then back out.

On a different topic, I just got (or, to be more precise, the Walkers got me via a gift card for my birthday) Snakes of the United States and Canada by Ernst and Ernst. I have wanted this book for a while, and now that I have it, I think I’ll be reading it on every commute for the next year. It has an account of every single species of snake in the United States and Canada, and summarizes everything known about each. It's not much use to ID catches, but it is perfect for reading up on what I've found once I get home.