Sunday, May 06, 2007

Jen just got home from a trip to Atlanta last night. Of course I was excited to see her, but I was also excited because she had taken our mailbox key with her, and I don't have a copy. Ordinarily I can do without seeing bills and charitable solicitations for a few days, but the mailbox also held the July issue of Reptiles Magazine (why they publish the July issue in May I don't understand).
If you happen to get Reptiles Magazine, check out my 'Into the Wild' piece on catching brown snakes (Storeria d. dekayi) around West Philly. It's nothing new if you've been reading this blog, but it's exciting to get something published (and get paid for it! - not much, but it's still nice), and I'm happy they ran something on herping in an urban setting.

I'm also happy with the edit. They did drop the "W" in West Philly to a lowercase "w," but I guess such errors are to be expected from people out in California.

If you don't get Reptiles, good luck trying to find a copy. Sometimes you can find it in the larger bookstores out there, but not many carry it, and the best place to find it for sale is your local herp show/expo.