Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My scouting trip got scuttled by last week’s storm. I had been thinking of driving two-lane dirt roads in either South Jersey or up in Northeast PA, where even the highways were impassable.

So, stuck in icy West Philly, I decided to try another kind of scouting. I posted on the forums. The Phillyblog site has been great for neighborhood news, so I figured I’d throw up a general request for info on the herps readers find around West Philly and see what people find in their backyards. I also posted to the Roxborough/Manayunk/East Falls forum to see if anyone might have any leads on the elusive milksnakes (Lampropeltis t. triangulum) of NW Philadelphia.

It wasn’t quite the avalanche of tips I’d been hoping for, but the postings generated some cute exchanges and filled in a few dots on the map in areas I haven’t explored yet. Brown snakes (Storeria d. dekayi) are truly everywhere in West Philly, it seems, and garter snakes (Thamnophis s. sirtalis) seem to be widespread in Manayunk, which I find especially interesting given the lack of bodies of water between the Wissahickon and the Schuylkill.

This weekend, I'm getting out, I swear it. Maybe not outside the neighborhood, but I'll be flipping something somewhere.


tim said...

i found a milk snake in my yard a while ago and photograghed it .i am in roxbororough neer parker and silverwod.

chris laytham said...

i just found what i believe is a brown snake in my friveway this afternoon. i have a extra tank so i brought him in cause it was very cold outside. i will take a pic of him tomorrow. he is sitting on my old reptile heat pad warming up.


Storeria said...

Hello Tim and Chris. Sorry for the delay in responding. I had meant to post something last week and did not. I was just working on a new post this morning and noticed your comments.

Tim: that's great about the milk snake. If you're okay emailing the photo (see my profile for sending an email), I'm dying to see it.

Chris: I look forward to seeing the photo of the little brown snake if you don't mind emailing it (see my profile to send an email). I'm a little surprised it was crawling around so early, and it gives me hope to check a brown snake spot or two this weekend.

Thanks for posting,